All About Patchwork

We are a forming community in Saginaw, MI. Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘Retro-fit Cohousing”? Well, this is kind of like ‘Retro-fit Urban Homesteading a City’. Much of the population has left this town, leaving wonderful history and infrastructure behind. So when we say homesteading, we mean not only living on the land and raising food; but also starting small businesses and cooperatives, and all together revitalizing and sustaining this local economy.
We’ve been inspired in part by the writings of Distributists like Dorothy Day, and E. F. Schumacher; the sustained success of the Mondragon Cooperative in Spain; as well as the needs of the people in this city on the river.
Won’t you join us? There’s lots of room, and living here is very affordable. Those of us already here are happy to help you check things out, and get settled in.

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