Forest Gardens

Forest Gardening by Robert Hart and How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield are two excellent books which express how to do exactly as their titles imply: forest garden!

Forest gardening is a type of permaculture which places emphasis on the importance and incorporation of trees. The concept of forest gardening is based on the structure of woodland ecosystems and thereby offers high productivity for relatively small spaces. Forest gardeners must be willing to forego planting in “rows” and instead embrace the free-flowing aspects of nature as they design a space. 

Because it doesn’t always bode well to just rely on a few sources of information…be sure to check out these other sources on the topic as well!
Edible Forest Gardens (website and book set)
The American Woodland Garden (loved the pictures & designs)
Plant an Edible Forest Garden (blog/article at Mother Earth News)
Forest Gardening (DVD with Robert Hart)
Creating a Forest Garden (book and DVD)
Sepp Holzer (on youtube: Sepp incorporated trees)


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